• Postdoctoral Position
There is a funded opening for a Postdoctoral Scholar with a background in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, or Electrical Engineering. Candidates must have significant experience with functional ink development, inkjet printing of functional inks, and electrochemical device characterization. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a track record of scholarship, including several first-author publications and presentations at scientific conferences, and strong project management skills. Interested candidates should email Prof. Greg Herman and provide a cover letter and CV.

Further information regarding postdoctoral positions at Oregon State University can be found at

• August 14, 2018
Congratulations to PhD student Chris Smyth on his Best Poster Award at the n-Core NEWLIMITS annual review.
"Processing for Ideal Contacts to Chalcogenide-Based Semiconductors"
Christopher M. Smyth, Lee Walsh, Pavel Bolshakov, Massimo Catalano, Michal Mleczko, Andrew Yu, Michael Schmidt, Brendan Sheehan, Rafik Addou, Jiyoung Kim, Moon Kim, Eric Pop, Chadwin Young, Christopher Hinkle, Robert M. Wallace

• May 15, 2018
A special issue of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944):
2D Materials for Advanced is now open for submission.
Deadline for manuscript submissions is June 15th, 2019
Guest Editor: Dr. Rafik Addou

• July 13, 2018
Chapter 22. Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides. Lee A. Walsh, Rafik Addou, Robert M. Wallace, Christopher L. Hinkle.
Book. Molecular Beam Epitaxy, From Research to Mass Production, Second Edition, 2018, Edit. Mohamed Henini. ISBN 978-0-12-812136-8

• April 6, 2018 Talk at the MRS Spring 2018 - Phoenix, AZ
• February 28, 2018
The fine-tuning of two-dimensional materials

In situ rhenium doping of monolayer MoS2.
Large-scale atomically-thin 2D films by gas source chemical vapor deposition.
• November 9, 2016
New publication in 2D Materials and oral presentation at the AVS 63, Nashville TN: One Dimensional Metallic Edges in Atomically Thin WSe2

• May 9, 2016
Book: 2D Materials for Nanoelectronics edited by: Michel Houssa, Athanasios Dimoulas, Alessandro Molle
Chapter 7: Physico-Chemical Characterisation of MoS2/Metal and MoS2/Oxide Interfaces,
Stephen McDonnell, Rafik Addou, Christopher L. Hinkle, and Robert M. Wallace
CRC Press (2016). ISBN 978-1-4987-0417-5, DOI: 10.1201/b19623-10

• March 20, 2017
Unexpected, Star-Spangled Find  May Lead to Advanced Electronics

This microscopic nanoflag pattern emerged as sheets of the “stripe” material — molybdenum ditelluride — were heated to about 450 degrees Celsius, at which point its atoms began to rearrange and form new structures — the “stars” in this false-color image.

• April 7, 2016
Lecture for high-school students on 'Introduction to Nano', Zaio-Morocco

• December 4, 2015
Scientists Dramatically Increase Light from Atomic-Sized Materials

• December 24, 2014
"Mind the gap" between atomically thin materials

Colorized TEM image of tungsten disulfide triangles (black) growing on graphene substrate (green).
• March 13, 2013
MRS Bulletin, Nano Focus: Two-dimensional dielectric monolayer grown on metal- supported graphene