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NanoES seminar

The NanoES seminar series features speakers from the nanotechnology community at UW, OSU, and beyond. The seminar sessions alternate between single lectures presented by a faculty member on a topic in their specialty area, and two short research updates from students or postdocs. Attendees of the seminar will learn about the diverse topics within the field of nanotechnology and become familiar with colleagues working in this field.

Winter 2021 seminars will be held virtually on Thursdays, 12:30 – 1:20 pm.

Click here for more details and the full calendar -

Available Positions

PhD position
There are several funded openings for outstanding students seeking a Ph.D. in areas related to nanomaterials, synthesis, catalysis, and surface and interface characterization. Undergraduate and master students with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering, are encouraged to apply. For students with non-Chemical Engineering degrees, it will be necessary to take several background courses. More information can be found at

Also, Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) and Master of Science (M. S.) degrees in Chemical Engineering are available in the APSC Lab. Contact Dr. Rafik Addou or Dr. Greg Herman for more details.

Undergraduate Research Positions
There are several openings for undergraduate researchers in the APSC Lab, where preference will be given to students from the Honors College interested in thesis research. Undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, or Electrical Engineering, should contact Dr. Rafik Addou by email with a short description of the research interests and CV.