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For job seekers: Surface Chemist

The surface scientist works at the interface of resident SPM/XPS, synthetic chemistry, and theoretical groups in the preparation, deposition, and characterization of both small molecules (organics, conjugated species, small aromatic systems) and macromolecules (CNTs, graphene) on (primarily) passivated and reactive silicon surfaces. Central to the surface science work is the characterization of molecular geometry, molecular mobility, and deposition behavior at solid-vacuum interfaces, the study, and characterization of stable and reactive products generated by the AFM/STM group using probe-based techniques, the use of vapor-phase techniques in the assistance of preparation of organic monolayers onto surfaces, and the application of physical models for providing feedback and validation to theoreticians developing reactive force field and quantum chemical methods. The surface scientist will also be responsible for purchasing and coordination efforts with laboratory and facility managers in the acquisition and maintenance of new UHV equipment.

For more info and to apply please follow this link to the LinkedIn Job posting

New Paper

Check out this open-access paper: Molecular-scale investigation of the oxidation behavior of chromia-forming alloys in high-temperature CO2. This is a collaboration between National Energy Technology Laboratory, Oregon State University, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.