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Co-organizing the Nano and 2D Materials symposium at PacSurf 2024

I am very pleased to co-organize the Nano and 2D Materials Symposium at PacSurf 2024, which will be held in Hawaii from December 8-12. This event promises to be an excellent platform for researchers to discuss and share their latest findings in the field of surfaces, thin films, and interfaces.

We invite researchers to submit their abstracts by August 9, 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with leading experts and contribute to advancing our understanding of nano and 2D materials.

For more information, visit the PacSurf 2024 website

New Paper: How thick is thick for electrocatalytic activity?

Exciting news! A recent study published in Small titled ‘Contribution of the Sub-Surface to Electrocatalytic Activity in Atomically Precise La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Heterostructures’ provides new insight into designing efficient electrocatalytic nanomaterials and core-shell architectures. The study investigates the role of catalytically active sub-surface layers in electrocatalytic activity by employing atomic-scale thickness control of the La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films and heterostructures, without altering the catalyst/electrolyte interface. The observation leads to the definition of an “electrochemically-relevant depth” on the order of 10 unit cells. Check out the paper here